Teachers & Staff

The Charter School staff creates an educational environment that respects each student’s learning potential and cultural heritage. The staff has an active voice in the operation of the school and is represented on the governing board.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff conducts daily school operations in support of the school director, teachers and students. They manage the school office and interactions with parents and the community.

Main Office, General Info, requests  scsoffice@scs.k12.ca.us
Kevin Kassebaum, Director kkassebaum@scs.k12.ca.us
Molly Koler, Office Manager  mkoler@scs.k12.ca.us
Fernanda Chavarria
, Office Assistant   Se habla Español    fchavarria@scs.k12.ca.us


Teaching Staff

All core academic teachers hold current California Teaching Credentials and are considered Highly Qualified per No Child Left Behind criteria. Using current methods of instruction, the teaching faculty identifies student capacities and individual learning styles to enable each student to reach high performance goals. They are responsible for identifying and designing effective and engaging curricula.

Teacher Directory

School Counselor: Lin Haley Grades K-8 Mondays & Tuesdays Location Art Room lhaley@scs.k12.ca.us

Rachel Cisneros, Grades K-1, Room 10, rcisneros@scs.k12.ca.us
Rosalie Corzine & , Instructional Aides

Julie MacDonald, Grades K-1, Room 11,jmacdonald@scs.k12.ca.us
Lucie Szakallas, Instructional Aide

Marsie Lasman, Grades 1-2, Room 3,  mlasman@scs.k12.ca.us
Rachelle Engrebreth, Instructional Aide

Tara Williams, Grades 2-3, Room 2,  twilliams@scs.k12.ca.us
Mary Oakes, Instructional Aide

Judy Moses, Grades 2-3, Room 12, jmoses@scs.k12.ca.us
TBD, Instructional Aide

Nadine Harmon, Grades 4, Room 14, nharmon@scs.k12.ca.us
Kathrine Lynch, Instructional Aide

Bob Edmondson, Grades 5, Room 4, redmondson@scs.k12.ca.us
Cassie Oakes, Instructional Aide

Christine Velarde,  Athletic Director & Instructional Aide for Cluster 3 cvelarde@scs.k12.ca.us

Allison Meyer, Grade 6 , Room 5, Homeroom, Science, social studies, language arts, ameyer@scs.k12.ca.us

Cortney Callahan , Grade 7, Room 6,  Homeroom, 7/8 science and math, ccalahan@scs.k12.ca.us

Jason Page, Grade 8, Room 8, Homeroom, 7/8 social studies and language arts, jpage@scs.k12.ca.us

Debbie Sebastiao, Grade 8,7,6 Math, dsebastiao@scs.k12.ca.us

Lynda Allen, Physical Education and Health Tech, lallen@scs.k12.ca.us

 Rita Saluzzi,Visual Arts, rsaluzzi@scs.k12.ca.us

Dan Saski, Drama Teacher, dansaski@gmail.com

Darice Dekker, English Language Learner Program Director/K-8 Spanish,ddekker@scs.k12.ca.us