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The Sonoma Charter School Library is organized, run and maintained by volunteers. Each class has a dedicated library time each week for 30 minutes and students are given the opportunity to explore all the library has to offer.

Your child’s class time may vary slightly depending on specific school activities such as a class play or field trip. SCS families are always welcome to volunteer in the library and there are many opportunities available. If you are interested in volunteering or have ideas for the library, please do share!

You can contact the library volunteers at:



April 2013 Library Newsletter

2013-2014 Class Library Schedule

6th   8:50-9:30am
Darice’s K/1       12:30-1pm
Rachel’s K          1-1:30pm
Rachel’s 1st        2:15-2:45pm

Helen’s 4/5    1:15-1:45

Cynthia’s 2/3  12:45-1:15pm
Mr. E’s 4/5      1:15-1:45pm

Julie’s 1/2   12:45-1:15pm

Judy’s 2/3   12:30-1pm


SCS Book Check-Out Guidelines

  1. Library books may be checked out for 1 week.
  2. Every student can have up to 2 books checked out at any given time.
  3. If a book is 1 month past due, that book will have to be returned or replaced before any more books can go home.
  4. If book(s) are past due, students can still use the library for looking and reading books.
  5. All students should use the library for looking at books, sharing books with friends, and discovery!

We encourage reading!
Occasionally the students have the opportunity to participate in exciting reading opportunities offered by the community.  For example, this year, students will once again have the opportunity to participate in the Read To Succeed program offered by 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Those students who keep a reading log and read for 6+ hours earn a free ticket to 6 Flags to be used this summer!  Stay tuned for more details to come.

Happy Reading to all,
SCS Library Volunteers

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