Emergency Procedures

In the event of a major disaster (fire, earthquake, flood) during school hours, children will be kept at school. They will be released only to previously authorized individuals. The exception would be in the event of a serious injury, when we would send the child for emergency medical care. It is absolutely imperative that the Emergency Card and Student Release Card at school be kept current and accurate. It is the primary document used to locate you or the people you’ve designated to pick up your child. Your child will NOT be released to anyone who is not on this emergency card.

Telephone systems quickly become overloaded in an emergency, so please do not try to phone the school. Instead, come to school or send a person from your emergency card to pick up your child. Check your local radio and television stations for information during local disasters and emergencies. Mark your local radio station on your radio’s dial. Your child should be made familiar with these stations and their roles in local emergencies.

Student Safety Kits

Please put together a Student Safety Kit for your child.  These items will be kept in your child’s classroom and used in the event that he/she had to remain at the school for an extended period of time. 

Please place the following items in a plastic zip-lock bag and deliver the bag to your child’s classroom: 


• 3 healthy pre-packaged snacks

• a rain poncho

• small flashlight

• emergency blanket

• letter from the family (you can include pictures if you think that will comfort your child).

While emergencies are not something we expect to happen, it is important to prepare for any eventuality. Sonoma Charter School is dedicated to the safety of our students and is proactive in communicating and upgrading our emergency procedures and policies.