Daily Schedule

School begins at 8:40 am. Students who are late must go to the school office for a note to admit them to class and to allow the correction of attendance records. Lateness causes a student to miss crucial information and opening activities, so please make every effort to avoid being late. Each trimester the director reviews attendance records. Students who experience frequent tardiness and absences may be contacted by the director as state education law regarding such absences may be considered truancy.


  • 8:35 am        Classroom doors open warning bell
  • 8:40 am        Tardy bell students not in class are considered tardy
  • 8:45 am        Ceremony bell rings Ceremony Begins
  • 8:55  am        End of Ceremony
  • 10:00 am      Recess and snack—Cluster One
  • 10:35 am      Recess and snack—Clusters Two and Three
  • 11:45 am       Lunch and recess—Cluster One
  • 12:30 pm      K-3 instruction continues
  • 12:35 pm      Lunch and recess—Clusters Two and Three
  • 1:15 pm        Instruction continues—Clusters Two and Three
  • 1:30 pm        Kindergarteners picked up
  • 3:00 pm        Dismissal