Curriculum & Instruction

Sonoma Charter School works hard to surpass the academic guidelines established by the California Department of Education by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum for our students.

Students leave each multi-age learning level with demonstrated age-appropriate competency in the following disciplines: citizenship, creative arts, health/fitness, history/social science, language (reading and writing), mathematics, performing arts/music and science.

Sonoma Charter School students will study independently, retaining and applying information they learned in each grade level. They have the opportunity to express, represent, interpret, and communicate through the arts and music. They are acknowledged as individuals responsible for themselves, their ethical behavior, and their productivity in life. They will learn to exhibit social skills, respecting diversity and demonstrating service to the school and the community. They will acquire a sense of Sonoma Valley’s heritage and its relationship to the world at large.

Physical Education in the Curriculum 
Our Physical Education (P.E.) program is led by Lynda Allen. All K-5 students receive two 45-minute periods of P.E. per week. All 6-8 students receive two 50-minute periods of P.E. per week.

Student Records
Federal and State laws concerning student records grant certain rights of privacy and right of access to students and their parents. Full access to all personally identifiable written records maintained by the school must be granted to parents and guardians according to these laws. Records are kept in the school office and access to those records can be arranged by contacting the office manager. Copies of parent’s rights to such records are available upon request in the school office.

All students in Grades 2-8 are required to participate in the annual California Achievement Test/Standardized Achievement Test (CAT6/SAT), also known as STAR. Teachers provide students with test preparation as part of the regular curriculum throughout the year. SCS does not over-emphasize testing but recognizes its importance as one evaluative tool of student/teacher performance. Students in 4th and 7th grade are also required to participate in an annual STAR writing test. All teachers assess children constantly throughout the year to help support individualized attention to the child’s progress.

Sonoma Charter School follows California State and Sonoma Valley Unified District guidelines. The school district has adopted content standards and Multiple Measures assessments. These assessments allow teachers, students and parents to see where individuals are in reaching and/or exceeding District Standards. The measures will determine whether the student has successfully learned grade level standards. The results of these measures will enable our teachers to teach to your child’s individual needs and strengths. Copies of the State content Standards can be accessed at the links provided below.

For detailed curriculum information by Cluster, please refer to the following links:
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