Cluster 2 (Graders 4 & 5)

The Cluster Two program incorporates the Sonoma Charter School standards into an integrated curriculum providing each student with the continuum of academic learning and effective life-long social skills. The integration of language, social studies, mathematics, science, visual and performing arts, physical education, technology and life skills thematically center around one of two themes in alternating years: U.S. history or California history.

Through this program each student in Cluster Two:

  • Completes an in-depth study of core literature
  • Writes, edits, and publishes original stories
  • Presents and publishes reports
  • Acquires knowledge of California and U. S. history and geography
  • Demonstrates mathematical abilities in problem solving, computation and memorization
  • Learns the scientific method via hands-on experiments
  • Participates in drama or musical productions
  • Completes various art projects
  • Demonstrates basic competency of word processing and computers
  • Effectively communicates and collaborates with others
  • Takes personal responsibility for one’s actions and their consequences
  • Presents a portfolio during the student-teacher-parent conference

Cluster Two teachers deliver the curriculum in a variety of approaches, including multi-age groups, grade level groups, mixed groups and via individual instruction. The multitude of groupings serves to meet the needs of all students. Additionally, the program combines teacher directed activities with student directed activities that include active learning, exploration, discussion, and research throughout all subject areas. Teachers encourage students to become independent in their learning and their thinking.

Teachers continuously gauge the progress of each Cluster Two student in a variety of ways, including formal and informal assessments, teacher observations and individual student portfolios. Students receive trimester progress reports (1 in-person conference and 2 written) with report cards based on an academic performance scale of 1-6 (1-emerging, 2-limited, 3-developing, 4-competent, 5-strong, 6-exceptional). Student effort in each academic area is also noted on the report card.